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Hello World!

Hello world, indeed and thank you for spending your time with us!

This blog took way longer to set up than necessary, but it’s finally all done and polished. The first stack choice was Jekyll, but due to the fact that Gatsby is becoming more and more popular, I decided to toss away everything I had done using Jekyll and invested some extra time to have Gatsby. It runs on React, afterall! 💪

The template we’re using is Lumen - go ahead and check it out! For deployment we’re using the free tier of Netlify.

So what can you expect to find here? We’ll deep dive into mobile applications development (Android and iOS), web (React) and cloud (PaaS and FaaS). We believe that the content can be presented more interactively than just blog posts, so expect videos, local meetups, conference calls and lots of open-source on our GitHub page.

Stay tuned!